What to do with organic or “green” waste

Organic waste is organic material such as food, garden and lawn clippings. It can also include animal and plant based material and degradable carbon such as paper, cardboard and timber.

When our organic waste goes into landfills it sits under piles of trash indefinitely. The waste cannot break down due to lack of oxygen. When food breaks down like this (anaerobically) , it releases methane which is bad for the environment.

Click on the link below to download our SMART composting poster.

SMART compost poster

Organic food waste such as fruits and vegetables can be composted and used in gardens.


Barnes Composting Facility in Erie County is located at:

1630 Camp Road Huron, OH 44839


Barnes Composting Facility accepts:

  • brush
  • tree trimmings (13″ diameter or less)
  • grass
  • leaves
  • yard trimmings
  • wood chips
  • sod
  • soil
  • Christmas trees