Tyvek Envelopes

How To Recycle Tyvek Envelopes

DuPont, the manufacturer of Tyvek, manages a nationwide recycling program that collects used Tyvek Envelopes and recycles them into useful materials that provide an alternative to wood.

Follow these easy directions to recycle all your used Tyvek envelopes.

For Small Quantities (less than 25 envelopes/month)
Turn any Tyvek(r) envelope inside out, so the unprinted white surface shows on the outside. Stuff the inside-out Tyvek(r) envelope with other used Tyvek(r) envelopes for recycling.

Address and mail the envelope to:
Dave Welch – Tyvek Recycling Specialist
CRP-Bldg. 705
974 Centre Road
Wilmington, DE 19805-0705

For Medium Quantities (more than 25 but less than 500 envelopes/month Call 1-866-33-Tyvek(r) and ask about our pouch program for recycling Tyvek(r) envelopes. Each pouch holds approximately 200 used Tyvek(r) envelopes. Collect your envelopes in the pouch and then forward them to a regional recycler – address label provided.

For Larger Quantities (more than 500 envelopes/month)
Contact Terry Fife, Tyvek(r) Recycling Specialist, at 1-800-222-5676 or 1-866-33-TYVEK(r) to have a custom program set up for you that works with local recyclers in your region.

For current information about recycling Tyvek Envelopes, go to http://www.greenyes.grrn.org/2000b/0365.html