Scrap Tires?….. 
Don’t Dump Them!
Recycle Them!

Ohio Law Regulates Scrap Time Disposal. Since 1996, Ohio law prohibits all landfills in Ohio from accepting scrap tires for disposal. It is also illegal to burn or dump tires anywhere in the State of Ohio. This ban is part of a comprehensive scrap tire regulatory program established by Ohio EPA that tracks the movement and storage of scrap tires throughout Ohio. The purpose of the program is to reduce illegal dumping and to encourage recycling and reuse of scrap tires. Properly recycled, scrap tires have many uses including safe playgrounds, road paving and floor mats.

Cities, villages and townships may also contract for the collection and disposal of scrap tires for their residents. Call your local political subdivision, or check the Calendar of Waste Reduction Program Events to see if a collection is scheduled for your area.

In Erie County, the following businesses have indicated they will accept SCRAP TIRES from the public in small quantities. All charge to accept tires, and all accept passenger car tires without rims. Some may accept larger tires, or tires on rims. Call to check.

Scrap Tires Include

  • All motor vehicle tires
  • All trailer tires
  • All tires containing wire or fiber

Scrap Tires Do Not Include

  • Tires from non-motorized vehicles such as bicycles
  • Tires from small equipment such as lawnmowers

Loads of more than ten tires may only be transported by registered scrap tire transporters, and may only be disposed of in licensed storage, recovery or incineration facilities. Area businesses, such as tire retailers and auto repair shops that generate large quantities of scrap tires, contract with registered transporters to remove scrap tires and dispose of them in properly licensed facilities. Some of these area businesses also accept tires from the public, usually for a small fee. Several Erie County businesses that accept scrap tires are listed below.

Where To Take Scrap Tires

Beginning August 2, 2004, the Erie County Landfill accepts scrap tires for recycling during regular operating hours. Tires must be separated from trash, as they will be recycled, not buried in the landfill. No more than 10 tires will be accepted in one load.

Passenger Tires

  • $ 3.00 without rim
  • $ 4.00 with rim

Light Truck Tires

  • $ 5.50 without rim
  • $ 6.50 with rim

Semi Truck Tires

  • $16.00 without rim
  • $25.00 with rim

Tractor Tires

  • $22.00 without rim
  • No rims accepted

Where to Recycle Tires:  *Please call for various disposal rates.*

Ebert’s Garage
7804 S. Hayes Ave.

Erie County Landfill
10102 Hoover Rd.

4320 Milan Rd.

J & J Automotive
704 W. Washington St.

Kasper Buick Pontiac GMC
2401 Cleveland Rd. W.

Snyder Collision
2608 Old Railroad Rd.

Walt’s Auto Repair
1229 W. Perkins Ave.