Household Hazardous

What Are Household Hazardous Wastes?

The average American home is full of potentially hazardous wastes such as pesticides, paint thinner, oven cleaner, floor polish and ant killer. These materials are considered hazardous because they are ignitable, corrosive, explosive or toxic.

Although the storage and disposal of household hazardous waste (HHW) is not regulated like industrial hazardous waste, it is still important to use, store and dispose of HHW carefully. It can be poisonous to animals and people or pollute the environment if poured down a sewer or on the ground. Even stored in our homes HHW may be a fire hazard. Disposing of it is difficult because many HHW products are liquids that are not accepted at the landfill.

Some Disposal Suggestions

  • The best way to dispose of HHW is to use it all up as it was intended. Cleaning products, paints and garden products are easy to dispose of this way. If you can’t use it, try to find someone who can.
  • Next time you purchase a potentially hazardous household product, buy the smallest amount you can to get the job done.
  • Read labels for disposal instructions or for more information.
  • Consider a non-toxic alternative
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