What to Recycle

You can recycle GLASS, CANS, PLASTIC and PAPER at the drop-off recycling locations. For acceptable materials for curbside programs please contact your hauler. To prepare materials for recycling just follow the rules below and help save our natural resources, energy and landfill space.

  • GLASS - Jars and bottles only. All colors.
  • CANS - Aluminum, steel and bi-metal cans from food and beverages, empty dry paint cans, empty aerosol cans.
  • PLASTIC - Beverage and laundry product bottles marked with a #1 (PET) - #5, #7 (Other) NO STYROFOAM(#6).
  • PAPER - Newspaper, magazines, catalogs, office paper, junk mail and paperboard boxes.
  • CARDBOARD - Clean corrugated, without wax coating or foil.

    What Not to Recycle

    At this time we do not have markets for the following items and we must discard them if they are placed in the recycling bin:

  • Glass ‐ NO windows, light bulbs, mirrors, ceramics, cookware.
  • Plastic ‐ NO toys, flower pots, flower flats, household items.
  • Polystyrene ‐ NO cups, plates, meat trays, egg cartons or other "styrofoam".
  • Recycling Locations

    Curbside Recycling

    Cyclone Services
    County Road 290, Vickery, 43464
    (419) 684-9797

    Republic Waste Services
    4005 Tiffin Avenue, Sandusky, 44870
    (419) 626-2454

    Ruffin Refuse
    1919 Pearl Street, Sandusky, 44870
    (419) 625-2004

    U.S. Rubbish
    1209 Johnson Street, Sandusky, 44870
    (419) 370-9074

    Drop Off Recycling

    Erie County Sanitary Landfill
    (Open 24/7 to all Erie County Residents)
    10101 Hoover Road, Milan, Ohio 44846
    (419) 433-5023

    City of Sandusky (West-Side)
    Services Complex
    Marquette Street, Sandusky
    (419) 627-5844

    Sandusky residents only

    Groton Township Services Building
    9414 Portland Rd.
    Groton Township

    Margaretta Township Road Department
    316 E. Lucas St.
    Margaretta Township