Jackie O’s Tour Review

2016 Summer Conference – Take Action for Zero Waste
August 25, 2016

Jackie O's Tour Review

During the Erie County Recycling crew’s time in Athens, Ohio for the 2016 annual OALPRP (Ohio Association of Litter Prevention and Recycling Professionals) conference which focused on taking action for zero waste initiatives, we took several tours to local businesses in the area that are helping supports the zero waste initiative in Southern Ohio. We were very fortunate to tour a local brewery in Athens, Jackie O’S Pub and Brewery.

Jackie O’s Director of Brewing Operations Brad Clark was gracious enough to give OALPRP conference attendee’s two separate tours of the Jackie O’s production and operations facility. It was fascinating to hear Brad explain the different steps that are involved in the process of brewing beer, which include malting, milling, mashing, lautering, boiling, fermenting, conditioning, filtering, and packaging. Brad informed us that the spent malted grain that was left over after the mash process of the brew was still very rich in proteins and nutrients so instead of disposing of the waste Jackie O’s uses the grain to feed cattle at a local cattle farm. The cattle that are fed from the leftover grain from Jackie O’s Brewery are eventually harvested and sold on the menu at the Jackie O’s Pub.

In another effort to move closer towards a zero waste initiative Jackie O’s recently installed 298 solar panels to cover the roof of their recent 8,000 sq. ft. expansion to the brewery. These solar panels account for roughly 40-60% of the brewery’s energy! In addition to creating their own sustainability and energy Jackie O’s also runs their own organic farm which we were also fortunate enough to tour shortly after the brewery. Jackie O’s Brewery Farm consists of 20 acres of land where Jackie O’s two employed farmers grow all of their own organic fruits, vegetables, and hops for the brewery free of any pesticides or fertilizers. Produce from Jackie O’s farm are harvested and sold on the menu at the Pub and Brewery as well as sold at local markets. Jackie O’s farm is currently in the process of building their own refrigeration system for storage by burying 5 large storage containers below ground level, which will create a natural refrigeration system for the excess produce. Not only will this reduce waste at the farm by decreasing the amount of spoiled produce but it will also sustain itself without using any new energy. Jackie O’s slogan is “sustainably crafted with purpose” and by having the opportunity to tour their facilities we learned that Jackie O’s truly maximizes their efforts to sustain themselves in many different facets of their day to day operations. By utilizing sustainability, Jackie O’s positively impacts the environment by reducing waste and creating new and innovative ways to reduce their carbon footprint while creating self-sustainment.

Jackie O’s Pub and Brewery along with Jackie O’s Brewery Farm are two excellent examples of businesses that are moving towards a zero waste initiative to reduce their negative impact on the environment and create self-sustainment by using natural energy!

- Zach Basting, Erie County Recycling