Barnes Composting Facility

2016 Summer Conference – Take Action for Zero Waste
August 25, 2016

As recyclers in the community we do our part to help limit the amount of trash that goes into our local landfills.

Even though recycling is making an impact to improve the environment, there is still more we can do. Business and industries, such as Barnes Landscape and Design Company, do their part to help the earth by composting organic material produced by the community. Barnes Nursery started out as a modest rose business that blossomed into a large farm with 150,000 rose bushes. Once competition increased in the rose business, the Barnes family started growing trees instead of roses. Other services they now provide include landscape and design, landscape maintenance, insect and disease control, as well as lawn, and tree services. In 1991, Sharon Barnes used her expertise to help create the Camp Road Compost Facility (Barnes Composting Facility) that has been useful in collecting yard trimmings, food, agricultural, and industrial waste. Barnes Composting Facility is now a 20 acre, class two composting facility. This means that they are certified to handle yard waste, manure, and food waste. Industries and residents of the community can drop off waste to the facility for a small fee. The waste they receive is used to create many different varieties of soil. Soil usually consists of sand, silt, and clay. The organic soil they produce is ideal for gardening. It provides water retention and a slow release of vitamins and minerals for your plants. By using soil made from compost, vital nutrients can be returned back to the earth while also keeping food waste and yard waste out of the main waste stream.