A Division of the Department Of Environmental Services (D.O.E.S.)

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Office paper, junk mail, newspaper and magazines are all types of paper that can be recycled.
Plastics are coded #1-#7. Find out what plastics are recycable in Erie County.
Glass jars and bottles from food and beverages are accepted.
Aluminum, steel, and bi-metal cans from food containers and/or beverage containers are accepted.
Depending on your recycling location you may have to sort your paper by type.
Special Material
Household hazardous waste, electronics and appliances.

What is a Solid Waste District?

In 1988, when stories of abandoned hazardous waste dumps filled our newspapers and out-of-state garbage threatened to fill up Ohio landfills, the Ohio legislature decided to act to avoid a future waste disposal crisis in Ohio. As a result, Ohio House Bill 592, the state’s solid waste management law, was enacted. It requires Ohio’s counties to take responsibility for planning adequate landfill capacity for their citizens and reducing the amount of trash disposed in landfills. To do this, every county in Ohio is required to have a Solid Waste District, and a plan covering at least a fifteen year period, detailing how they will reduce the amount of solid waste disposed by their citizens and businesses. Each District plan must contain specific programs for the reduction of:

District Mission

The goal of the Erie County Solid Waste Management District is to maintain, coordinate, monitor, and develop implementation of the Erie County Solid Waste Management Plan. The goal is achieved by providing environmental education, recycling opportunities, source reduction, litter prevention, and natural resource conservation to the residents of Erie County.